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After several decades of getting on with our own lives, some of us have re-connected and it seemed there was a need to have a central location to store photos, memories, jokes and stories. Plus, having some genealogical information and techniques available means we can all contribute to a real history. Besides, them e-mail servers were getting a bit clogged up with all the scanned photos.

First, the genealogical type of chart available in HTML format so that you could click on a link for a person and have a page come up with all the info we have on that person. If you are that person, you might want to get some correct and/or updated info available. I'd love for each person's page to have links to all the photos you want to share.

3 Feb 2008 - Ordered genealogical software that outputs to .HTML - Received on 15 Feb 2008

9 Feb 2008 - Got .wav videos to work

3 March 2008 - Elizabeth got some time and cleaned up the look of this site immensely. Thank You Elizabeth!!

Extra featuresLimitationsSuggestions
Having a central repository for the things we often do with e-mail, like share stories and jokes. The blog idea, where you get to enter your own comments and thoughts, and have others add their own, is available once somebody figures out how to make it work.

We've also got some musically inclined people around here. You can certainly share your own music, I guess it's got to be in something like a .wav or .mp3 format; hopefully you know what could work on a browser.


I don't have experience at making web pages, as you might have guessed by now. If you can do better than this (and I hope and know somebody can), you get to share the hosting login.

A knowledge of CSS would be great - there should be several dozen pages at some point, and consistency would be good.

This is being hosted on GoDaddy, and we can store about 5 GB of material for a ridiculously low annual cost.